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We help Chinese investors to find and buy the best Real Estate opportunities such as factory, house, hotel, shopping malls, lands  in Turkey and in countries around Turkey.


We help companies to source and import from China with our 10 years’ experience of supply management in China.  Including Turkey’s the top 5 retail companies we are working with dozens of international companies. We also sell Turkish products in the Chinese market. Textile, food, marble, cosmetics, auto and electrical parts, machinery, plastic injection molds are in our business scope.


We help Chinese companies which want to build a production plant in Turkey before, during and after their entries to Turkey.

Mining and

We help Chinese companies to find and buy quarry in Turkey. We also help companies to import and export mines, metal and steel to China or from China.


We assist Chinese companies to enter and sell in Turkey by being their distributor or helping them to find a suitable distributor.By being their distributor We help Turkish companies sell in China.


We help companies to outsource outwear ( jackets,coats,parka) from China and all kinds of textile products from Turkey.

Chinese investments made easy.Take place in the Chinese market with a population of 1.4 billion.


SinoInc Investments Consulting is an  international investment consulting and foreign trade  company which provides services to Chinese investors in their Turkey ventures and also to Turkish companies for their investments and business activites in China.

SinoInc  presents overseas  and Turkey investments opportunites to Chinese investors, provides assistance and consulting solutions to  Chinese investors,before during and after their investments at international, regional and local levels.

By establishing strategic partnerships, We also help companies to enter and sell in Chinese or Turkish market by undertaking a bridge role in the two countries.

SinoInc helps companies which has business relations between Turkey and China by providing Import Export and Supply services as well.


“Sino” means “Chinese” in western languages and  “Inc”  is the first letters  of “Investments Consulting” thus  SINOINC means Chinese Investments Consulting.

SinoInc is established with 10 years of international experience in manufacturing, consultancy and procurement in China .We are a multilingual team of Chinese and Foreign specialists. We have extensive  experience in our fields. We know all the challenges and pitfalls facing a foreign enterprise at home in China and abroad. We are tailor made to provide you with the best opportunity for securing the right investment for you. That is why you should choose SinoInc to help facilitate your investment opportunities.

SinoInc founder Huseyin Ates has a genuine understanding of the Chinese market, married with a deep passion and respect for the countries language and culture, especially in the field of business. He serves as a bridge between China and the rest of the world. As a consultant, trader and supplier he has helped companies create omnidirectional supply chains. He has worked with a variety of industries including automotive, textile, fashion, industrial goods, furniture, high tech products, electronics, foods, hotel equipment and others. He has lived in China since 2009 and started out as a Chinese – English – Turkish interpreter. He graduated second from Ankara University (and 1st in the Chinese department) and received a full scholarship to Shanghai International Studies University for his masters degree funded by the Chinese government. He speaks Turkish at a native level, Chinese and English at an advanced level and Russian and Arabic at intermediate levels. He lives in China with his Russian wife and two adorable children.


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